Best IP Booters/Stressers

What is DDoS? And what is a booter and stresser?
DDoSers, booters, stressers, flooders, they are all the same thing. Hacker tools that overflow a target IP with so many packets that the IP is no longer capable of handling legitimate requests, some people use these tools to take down websites, game servers, opponents in video games, essentially anything that has a IP address (everything on the internet).

Booters are simple interfaces where all you need to do is type in the IP address and the time you want it offline and the rest is all done for you, costing you only around $15 for the entire month without any technical knowledge other then knowing the IP address to take servers offline in a click.

These services operate in a legal gray area because they can be used for legitimate purposes as well as taking down IP addresses in malicious manner. I recommend you always use a paid VPN with Tor browser before logging into any booter for your security and anonymity before you even think about doing a stress test.

Unfortunately the stresser market is filled with low quality booters that do not provide the bandwidth promised to the user, in some cases do not send any bandwidth at all.
You cannot just google search a booter anymore, most do not work and are scams.

I have tested every booter in the book spending roughly $10-20 per subscription, some work good, others not at all.
Below you will find an updated list of IP booters that do work good and wont scam you for your money.

Test the power of your IP booter!
To check the actual DDoS power of a stresser/booter service, you can use a Dstat graph to determine this. Visit to test your actual DDoS power!

List of the best IP Stressers of 2022

1) 20Gbps Regular highly advanced methods, bypasses many DDoS protections.

2) Powerful L7 stresser with all types of bypasses.

3) Exotic Booter 5-10Gbps Regular, Auto Buy (Bitcoin), Useful Tools, Bypass Cloudflare (No daily limits)

4) Nightmare Stresser 8-10Gbps normal network, 50Gbps VIP network, Cloudflare Bypass, Untraceable hits (No daily limits)

5) Sun Stresser 5Gbps normal network, 35Gbps VIP network, Customizable attacks, Powerful Layer 7 bypasses. (No daily limits)

6) Shock Stresser Strong power, Layer 4 and Layer 7, 24/7 Support

7) 1Gbps UDP, Free Stresser only